Vieilles-Maisons sur Joudry


A little history :

• In 1790, Vieilles-Maisons had 345 inhabitants.

In 1869 there were 640 inhabitants.

Until 1911, the population of Vieilles-Maisons has always been more than 500 people, peaking in 1876 with 670 residents.

• The parish of Vieilles-Maisons-sur-Joudry is attached to Lorris after 1961.

• In 1984, the tennis court was built, the bridge of weir Grignon is repaired.

• In 1180, the town was called Vetulis-Mansionibus. Following the decision of the Municipal Council dated 8 June 1918 and a letter from Mr Sub-Prefect of Montargis name supplement should be given to communities that bear the same name so that any confusion is impossible. The Municipal Council consulted believes complete name Vieilles-Maisons by "sur Joudry" to avoid wrong direction correspondence.


Vieilles-Maisons also has a castle (de la Mothe-Joudry), the mention of the oldest date from 1643 or 1645.

Vieilles-Maisons has a skatepark and a garden for children, where the youth of the village but also the township are fun.



The church was built in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The nave dates from the tenth century and the seventeenth choir. The church is under the patronage of Saint Pierre. The cross crucifix supporting the choir at church, was rebuilt with wood from a barge disposal channel. From 1760 to 1790, mention of repairs, construction or reconstruction of the church.

Grignon and the canal of Orleans.

The current Orleans Canal was created around 1676 by ​​private companies for transportation of wood and included only part Grignon-Montargis. Grignon was still early in the century an important port as evidenced by the many postcards that time.

In 1892, the port absorbed tens of cartloads per day which explains the business that grew nearby.

In 1984, the bridge of weir Grignon is repaired.

In 1986, the bridge was rebuilt Joudry following its collapse.

In a unique setting, a trip down memory lane in the heart of the forest of Orleans, discover educational construction of a barge and history of Skippers Canal d'Orléans. Guided tours on request, individuals and groups from March to November.

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Etang des Bois.

L'Etang des Bois, located on a penetrating historical Forest of Orleans, true mirror of light embedded in the dark mass of the forest is considered one of the most attractive tourist spots for Vieilles-Maisons (superf. 16ha 32) (** shady Camping, Fishing, Swimming, Boating). Parking, with a restaurant since 1993.


·      2 small hiking circuits exist on Vieilles-Maisons sur Joudry.

·      Discover our township and its countryside.

·      The cover of hikes is on sale at the reception of the Office of Tourism Lorris office.

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Hiking cyclotouristic

·      4 hiking trails exist in the Canton of Lorris.

·      The forms can be collected from the Tourist Office of Lorris

Hiking Equestrian

·      For those who love horse riding and nature, several possible routes will give you access to the Canton of Lorris in the vast forest of Orleans (massif de Lorris), area ponds and channel Orleans.

·      The Orléans Forest - Massif de Lorris route

·      From Ouzouer-sur-Loire to Lorris (2 days) 
The third largest massif in the Orléans forest is a region closely associated with the history of the Resistance. It is also known as the home of the osprey, the “fish eagle”. For more information :


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