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Origin of name:

From the year 833, Vieilles-Maisons (Vetula Domus) and its inhabitants Vetula Domussien was a city of Saint Benoît.


625 inhabitants

1,646 hectares

Name of inhabitants: Vetula-Domussien, Vetula-Domussienne

Elevation : minimum 113 m, maximum 141 m, 125 m hall


Common Canton of Lorris, she is the head of Pont Canal d'Orléans whose point of the watershed is located in Grignon.

It is the only municipality in the canton situated in the basin of the Loire.


6,1 km from Lorris

29 km from Montargis

32 km from Gien

49 km from Orléans

144 km from Paris


Tourist Walk :

In the neighborhoods:

Etang des bois


Canal d'Orléans

Camping **


Garbage collection on Wednesday

Column buried : entrance municipal workshops.

Recycling point : cemetery, camping, port Grignon


Street vendors serving the town :

Butchers Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 16 pm in the village

Superette itinerant Monday 15 h 30 to 17 h instead of the Church

Grocery Wednesdays from 11 : 30 am to 12 noon in the village

Takeaway pizza on Tuesday 2 1 17 h 30 to 21 h 30 Church Square

Salle des Fêtes

Canal d'Orléans

Municpal Team

M. Daniel LEROY, mayor
M. Bernard MOINEAU, First deputy mayor - M. Michel POULET, 2nd deputy mayor
Mme Maryse GODEAU, 3rd deputy mayor - M. Jacques VILNAT, 4th deputy mayor
M. Robert BRAGUE, Mme Valérie BURGEVIN, Mme Claude CASTEL, M. Pascal FONTAINE,
Mme Véronique GAUTHIER, Mme Florence GREUIN, M. Pascal JAQUET, Mme Sevil KOÇAKLI,