Rabbits Varennes:

• The Larousse 20th century said: Varenne, ancient form of Garenne.
• Refers today and wasteland in which the game is favorable discounts. Formerly, the name of Varennes was specifically employed to designate a certain area of ​​land reserved for royal hunting.
• The site of Varennes-Changy was already inhabited in prehistoric times. André Nouel, in his book "Manual of Prehistory to the South of the Paris Basin" refers to "findings" of Paleolithic tools (carved stone age) to Changy-les-Bois (Clergeau Collection at the Museum of History Orleans). In the same book, Varennes is quoted to have been occupied in the Neolithic period (age of polished stone). Over the following centuries it is only possible to mention us in 1576 a battle of German Protestants troopers who blockaded a French company lansquenets near road of Lorris.

Famous people :

• Camille Ernest Denance : Born in 1852 , mayor between 1884 and 1904 , moved to Varennes in 1877, when he had just finished his studies. He was behind the creation of the League against Tuberculosis in the Loiret. Conference in shares, he obtained the support of the medical profession of Loiret and a sanatorium was opened. June 30, 1907, he died following a long illness. Very estimated population, his funeral procession was uninterrupted crowd " from the porch of the church to the cemetery " (source "Le Gâtinais "). A public subscription was launched and a few months after his death, the first bust was erected inaugurated by Pierre Célestin Brécy, mayor from 1904 to 1921. The second bust was inaugurated on 8 May 1949 by Dr. Pol Gourand (Mayor 1945 1971) married to a descendant of Dr. Camille Denance.

• Abbé Michel Chausson : Founding President of Friends of the organ of Lorris , discoverer of the instrument except dated 1501 it was restored beautifully . Born in 1927 in Châtillon-Coligny there was ordained a priest in 1952, before being appointed for 4 years at the Lycée Saint-Louis de Montargis, then the parish of Sainte Madeleine until 1970. This year, he won the parish Varennes-Changy. At the same time, he found the organ of Lorris, ransacked during a Christmas party unhappy by a mad (or jealous) organist and undertook to do repaired by George Koenig, organ builder of Sarre-Union. Therefore, Father Chausson devoted more time to this instrument and was known internationally.

The Church :

The church can not be accurately dated in its oldest parts, construction and building additions have succeeded mainly in the nineteenth century.

It was originally a small church with a single nave.

Five periods of different constructions formed the current set :

·      the entrance and two bays of the nave (the oldest part )

·      the nave of the third bay to the choir,

·      In 1824, construction of the south aisle, the side of the square is the old cemetery,

·      1849-1850 construction of the northern aisle (rectory side)

·      1892-1894 construction of the choir with the legacy of the Duchess of Dalmatia and her two daughters, Mrs. Reille and Guitant.

Inside, we see several artworks also given by the Duchess between 1840 and 1851 , paintings from the workshop of Spanish painter Zurbaran : St Jacques , the Annunciation, the Assumption, the Baptism of Christ, the Last Supper (copy of Philippe de Champaigne). Also two plaster casts depicting the head of Christ inset and an Assumption above the baptismal font.

Not far from the castle Changy and almost at the roadside of Nogent, a graceful tower surmounted by a building now for agricultural use. It is the oldest church in the county. Worship ceased to be practiced during the Revolution and the parish was attached to Varennes.

Around 1850, she went to worship. Finally, around 1940, it was finally abandoned.

In 1954, we will count about 750 inhabitants.

Since then, the appeal of urban residential in the Paris region in search of peace, sunshine and greenery has helped raise the number.


·      2 small hiking circuits exist on Varennes-Changy.

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Hiking cyclotouristic

·      4 hiking trails exist in the Canton of Lorris.

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Hiking Equestrian

·      For those who love horse riding and nature, several possible routes will give you access to the Canton of Lorris in the vast forest of Orleans (massif de Lorris), area ponds and channel Orleans.

·      The Orléans Forest - Massif de Lorris route

·      From Ouzouer-sur-Loire to Lorris (2 days) 
The third largest massif in the Orléans forest is a region closely associated with the history of the Resistance. It is also known as the home of the osprey, the “fish eagle”. For more information :


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