St-Hilaire sur Puiseaux

    A little history:

    This town was a parish priest had before the revolution.

    We meet on the territory of the municipality remains of Gallo-Roman settlement in the former mainly marsh common ceramics and Samian.

    In 1718, according to a document sent to Joly de Fleury bailiwick of Lorris included Saint-Hilaire.

    In 1790, the town had 337 inhabitants.

    In 1869, there were at Saint-Hilaire 287 people, including 14 villages, the most distant are only 2 km.

Family Turgis

The ancient castle of Pont Saint Hilaire now restored, was owned by the family Birague Turgis. This family owned Turgis, during the reign of Louis XIV, very distinguished places and considerable property. Nicolas de Turgis valet was ordinary king's chamber. Another was to advise Parliament of Paris. The latter's brother, Charles Constantin, enjoyed a high rank in the military. Charles Constantin, by its lightness, gave serious inconvenience to his family.

In 1691, at the age of 21, he married secretly with a young lady Biancolelli, theater actress Italians. The family is breaking the marriage and order the actress guilty of kidnapping. But M. de Turgis renews his marriage in 1701 and died a few years later, leaving this union 2 children, 20 years after the death of their father, bringing a case against the family, claiming that the marriage must obtain all civil effects invalidity and attack the will of their grandmother who had disinherited Charles Constantin if he renouvelât his marriage with the actress.


The church

The church was built under the patronage of Saint Hilaire, she is 25 meters long and 6 meters wide and can hold 200 people. It was located on a ancient place of worship and evidenced by the source near his bedside. Inside, carved stones at the bottom of each side of the arc of glory before the chorus and simple décor resulting contrast of dark wood on clear walls exposed. This church is the same shape and probably of the same period as that of Ouzouer-des-Champs bell tower was also built similarly. Front of the church stands a stone stele that covers the remains of some lords. One of their heraldic crests adorns one of the facades of the old manor. By ancient architecture, it has been well restored around 1972. In 1449 Saint-Hilaire-sur-Puiseaux finally gets a cure.



Water mill

It remains the only watermill canton still in working at St Hilaire.

His old wheel operates some machines, but not crushed grain.

It belongs to a private property, so we can not visit.

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