Origin :
The name comes from the Latin Presnoy low Prunetum : planted plum place .
It leads to Pruner, Prunai, Prunoi, Pruneio (1184) Prunagyo (1369), Prenoy and finally Presnoy (1761).

·      It is the smallest municipality in the Canton of Lorris. It is located on the way of Lorris to Ladon, it is crossed by the canal of Orleans and Huillard river.
·      250 inhabitants
·      776 hectares.
·      It is located on the way to Lorris Ladon , the Orleans Canal and on the river Huillard
·      Elevation : minimum 92 m, maximum 110 m, hall 99 m.
·      Name of inhabitants: presnoyen, presnoyenne

9,9 km from Lorris
18 km from Montargis
35 km from Gien
57 km from Orleans
129 km from Paris

Shops : itinerant traders (bakery, butcher, etc ...)

Tourist Activities :
Minigolf : or your team , reveal your skills on the course of 12 holes.
Prices: Adults € 2.30, children ( under 12) € 0.80
Opening hours: 1 May to 30 September
Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 14h to 18h

Garbage collection on Monday afternoon
Column buried : Street closed fields
Recycling point : Plaisance subdivision (opposite the Town Hall) 

Salle des Fêtes

Municipal team

M. Richard SÉNÉGAS, Mayor
M. Valéry GREGOIRE, 
First deputy mayor - Mme Michelle MARTEL, 2nd deputy mayor 
M. Alain GIRARD, M. James COUSIN, M. Sébastien BABIN,
Mme Christel COUSIN, M. Stéphane RAVAUT, M. Pascal BARNAULT, Mme Yvette BEAUVAIS, Mme Céline SALMON