Ouzouer des Champs

A little history :

The departure of the village was the "villa", big farm, Gallo-Roman who was at the Lieu-des-Champs.

Ouzouer is situated on a river which divides the town into 2 equal parts from north to south.

The castle of Lieu-des-Champs was prosperous until the fourteenth century.

In 1349 King Philip VI of Valois stayed in from Lorris. It was during the Hundred Years War, the English Robin Canolle, in 1358, following the path of salt to Châtillon, destroyed it, saving the village and church were separated from the road by marshes.

In the fifteenth century the Lord Ouzouer lives in Castle Ouzouer, which is preserved moated plan on Cadastre 1811. In 1565 the Lord obtained the king's permission to establish a weekly market and an annual fair, which lasted until the Revolution, this is probably why the village has a so big and beautiful pastures. Note also the former Calvary entirely of stone.

In the eighteenth century, was Ouzouer the diocese of Sens, stewardship of Orleans, the election of Montargis. The local lord had the right to appoint the priest. Policeman lord of the land was the lord of Ouzouer. Then this parish had 300 inhabitants. In 1869, there were 258 inhabitants in the village and 12 hamlets away from the town of 1 or 2 km. Neighboring parishes Vimory, Solterre, Presnoy, Nogent, Varennes, Oussoy. 


The Church of St. Martin, very old, may be the eleventh century, as evidenced by the apparatus walls " fishbone " his bedside and some Romanesque windows, was built on the site of the former chapel you can see the reuse of sarcophagi as cornerstones during expansions. It was built under the patronage of Saint-Martin and Saint-Fiacre. It is 28 m long and 6 m wide and can hold 200 people. The bell tower and the church were " fixed", it seems now restored from 1848 to 1892 under the guidance of architects Montargis, certainly influenced by Violet-le-Duc, who himself designed the spire of the Church of St Madeleine.


Ouzouer as Oratory ?

The first chapel dates from the time of Clovis, built by a Frankish lord of the place, on the edge of their fields, not far from the Neolithic trail linking the Loire to the Seine along the Puiseaux, on whose shores we found many tools polished stone, or cut including a bronze ax at a place called "The place".




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·      The Orléans Forest - Massif de Lorris route
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