Ouzouer des Champs


Its name comes from the Latin down "Oratorio in campis" (from orare: pray) Oroir, Ouroir, which means Ourouer oratory
Can Ouzouer-des-Champs for 3 centuries.

396 people
1,132 hectares.
Name of inhabitants: oratorien, oratorienne
Elevation: minimum 102 m, maximum 125 m, 107 m hall

Location :
Ouzouer is located on the Puiseaux, a short distance from the station Solterre
17 km from Lorris
15 km from Montargis
27 km from Gien
75 km from Orleans
135 km from Paris

Garbage collection on Thursday
Column buried: village
Recycling point: town hall


Aire de Jeux

Municpal team

M. Thierry BOUTRON, Mayor
M. Jean-Luc JOUANNEAU, First deputy mayor - M. Jacky BECUE, 2nd deputy mayor - Mme Murielle GRAFFEUIL, 3rd deputy mayor