Oussoy en Gâtinais


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    Origin of name:
    His name flow Hulissetum origin, Ulseto in 1035, Usseto in 1157 to Housseyum 1350.
    Oussoy Gâtinais following a decree of 24 November 1937.

    419 inhabitants
    2,323 hectares
    Name of inhabitants: oussoyen, oussoyenne
    Elevation: 94 m Minimum, Maximum 137 m, 100 m hall

    It is situated on the road from Bellegarde to Solterre 11 km from Lorris
    12 km from Lorris
    13 km from Montargis
    28 km from Gien
    68 km from Orleans
    129 km from Paris

    Garbage collection on Tuesday morning
    Column buried: cemetery
    Recycling point: road Lorris


Salle des Fêtes

Aire de Jeux

Municipal team

M. Guy BAILLEUL, Mayor
M. André LEBOEUF, first deputy mayor - Mme Nathalie SERPEBOIS, 2nd deputy mayor
M. Pierre ANGELVY, M. Franck BONNEAU, Mme Sandrine GOUBARD, Mme Edwige LABARRE
Mme Karine LASSELIN, M. François MARTIN
, Mme Flora MASSON, M. Sébastien SIMON