A little history:

·      Before 1791, he was making the appointment of a trustee for a period of 3 years, he was agent to look after the interests of the parish, this role is similar to that current mayors. This appointment was done after calling the inhabitants made ​​the sound of the bell in front of the main entrance of the church after Mass, in the presence of the royal notary of the bailiwick of Lorris and vestry.

·      In the eighteenth century, this village was the diocese of Sens, the Stewardship Orleans, Election of Montargis. The cure had an income of 700 pounds. The Archbishop of Sens had the right to appoint the priest. Then this parish had 500 inhabitants. In 1869, there were 512 inhabitants in the town and in eight hamlets. Farthest was 4 km. In the town extended an important Gallo-Roman settlement located between the village and Lorris as evidenced by the remains of tiles, ceramics and various statuettes. It is most likely a missing villa third - fourth centuries.

·      Near the village, the Oratory Fontaine St-Genou marks the place of pilgrimage which was very crowded. The patients plunged naked into the source to heal and these immersions sometimes causing serious accidents. These ceremonies allow some to earn profit and profit that Fontaine was not neglected. Serious trouble, however : it happened that this source dries up abruptly. One year, the phenomenon occurred on the eve of the pilgrimage. Seeing the hopes of a good day to fly, the beadle spent the night to go to the nearby river illegally tap water with which he fills the capricious fountain. He made so many trips there won pleurisy which he died.

·      The school and the city of Walnut were built between 1878 and 1882. Unfortunately, the school was closed in 1971. In 1920, the War Memorial was built.

Jean Guillaume Mauduit...

Blessed Jean Guillaume Mauduit, is a former pastor of Noyers. Originally Chevillon-sur-Huillard where he was born in 1746, ordained September 15, 1771, he was appointed vicar of Boiscommun and then pastor of Noyers end 1784. Having refused to swear allegiance to the new Constitution, he went into hiding in early August 1792, at Orleans and Paris, where he was murdered at the Carmes with pikes, on the steps of the chapel or in the garden of the convent in the afternoon of September 2. He was beatified October 17, 1926 among the 109 priests killed him the same day.



• The church in as the Saint Pierre and Saint Genou, when the XIth and XIIth centuries. It is 27 m long and 8 m wide and can hold 300 people.
• It is Romanesque and Gothic part of rectangular shape with circular apse vaulted ass oven.
The vault of the nave is barrel formed by bands in exposed timbers.
Facing the side door is placed a small plaster statue without artistic interest.
It evokes the memory of Blessed John William Mauduit, former pastor of Noyers.




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