Origin of name:
It takes its name from a place name designating a tree with edible fruit: The Walnut.
Of Noerlis mentioned in 1240,  Noyers is final form en1350.

Town :
738 inhabitants
1,806 hectares
Name of inhabitants: nucérien, nucérienne
Elevation: 98 m Minimum, Maximum 134 m, 109 m hall

The village is located on the creek Poterie 3 km from Lorris
3,4 km from Lorris
21 km from Montargis
29 km from Gien
57 km from Orleans
135 km from Paris

·      Garbage collection on wednesday
·      Column buried: La Borde
·      Recycling point: Center of town and subdivision La Borde

Jardin Public

Salle Polyvalente

Municipal team

M. Xavier RELAVE, Mayor
Mme Valérie MORLET, first deputy mayor - M. Marc PELLETIER, 2nd deputy mayor - Mme Monique LEGRAS, 3rd deputy mayor
M. Eric BARNAULT, M. Cédric COUDRE, Mme Paula COUTELLIER, M. Amaury DAVID, Mme Magna FERREIRA, Mme Séverine FOREST, M. Laurent HURISSE, Mme Marie-Annick MARCEAUX, Mme Alexandra MARTINS, Mme Isabelle VINET