Origin of name:
In 900, Montereau called Monasteriolum
Then in 1180 and Monsteriola Monsterello in 1219 and finally in 1761 bears his name.

625 inhabitants
5,012 hectares.
Name of inhabitants: monterelais, monterelaise
Elevation : minimum 106 m, maximum 175 m, 117 m hall

It is located at the junction of four roads of great communication ; streams Menotte and Vesine flowing in Solin, Loing basin, and the stream that goes to Courpalette Forest Châteauneuf, and flows into the Canal d'Orléans.
6 km from Lorris
23 km from Montargis
20 km from Gien
60 km from Orleans
142 km from Paris

Tourist walks :
Montereau has a communal pool run by Martins Fishermen.
Montereau has several streams, fountains and wood or private forests :
la Trève
le Malaise
la Menotte
la Fontaine Gandelan
le Haut du Turc
le Chaumontois
le Mont de Brenne
etc ...

Nursery and Primary School, school canteen
Garbage collection on Thursday afternoon

Column and buried recycling point : parking PL Route de La Cour- Marigny




Municipal team

M. Jean DEBOUZY, Mayor
M. Jack LOQUET, first deputy mayor- M. Jacques HEBERT, 2nd deputy mayor
M. Richard BOUCHIER, Mme Edwige PASQUET, M. Hervé PLESSIS, M. Michel BUGES, Mme Marie Michette ETHEVE, M. Alain BASTIANI, M. Bernard PICQUENOT, M. Daniel COQUELIN, Mme Betty CRIBELLIER, Mme Marie SANCHEZ, Mme Jacqueline CORBIN, Mme Juana HEMERY