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Famous people

• General Cousin was committed in 1870 at the age of 16 years, then he went to Saint-Cyr, where he made ​​a less successful career she would be able (He read the free speech and was a supporter enthusiasm Drumond) . It was close to Paris Gallieni during the War of 1914. As such, he was proud of his son decorated wounded in September 1914.
• Leon Pallière Painter 1823/1887
• Louise Astre Chavanneau widow Pallière 1830-1922 painter by the name of Blanchard
• Du Temple (Jean- Marie Felix de la Croix) French sailor (Lorris1823 -1890) brother Du Temple Jean- Louis Antoine Rivallon de La Croix sailor and French scientist born in Châteauneuf -sur- Loire (1819-1889).
• Jean -Marie Felix de la Croix distinguished himself in the Crimea (1855), then at the head of marine executioners in Italy (1859) and Mexico. He commanded in 1870, a brigade of the 21st corps in the army of the Loire. Member Ille et Vilaine in 1871 ardent Royalist, he contributed to the fall of Thiers in 1874, the overthrow of De Broglie.
• His brother headmaster mechanics Brest specialized in the study of steam navigation and retired in 1875 after defending the department of Nièvre in 1870. It should scientific literature.
• Henri- Nicolas Belleteste, Lorris died 17 May 1808 at the age of 30 years.
• Abbé Michel Chausson : Founding President of Friends of the organ of Lorris , discoverer of the instrument except dated 1501 it was restored beautifully . Born in 1927 in Châtillon-Coligny there was ordained a priest in 1952, before being appointed for 4 years at the Lycée Saint-Louis de Montargis, then the parish of Sainte Madeleine until 1970. This year, he won the parish Varennes-Changy. At the same time, he found the organ of Lorris, ransacked during a Christmas party unhappy by a mad (or jealous) organist and undertook to do repaired by George Koenig, organ builder of Sarre-Union. Therefore, Father Chausson devoted more time to this instrument and was known internationally.


Church Notre Dame de Lorris

The Church is the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, built under the influence of the monks of St. Benedict, was modified and enlarged over the centuries. St. Louis placed it under the protection of Our Lady.
According to Abbot Patron, it was built in the tenth century in honor of Saint Etienne.
In 1111, Louis VI the Fat enlarges, it was over a century later in St. Louis, and after the fire of 1187 Philippe Auguste surrounded by a bodyguard who resisted until 'religious war of the sixteenth century.
In 1170/1180, a large window is drilled in the western façade.
In 1297, the chapel of St. Louis was founded in the parish church by Philip the Fair at the canonization of his grandfather Louis IX.
Several quite different styles appear and give an idea of ​​its history.

For example:
• A novel twelfth porch is topped by a bay of the thirteenth century, then a brick building dating from the Renaissance.
• The tower four awnings is complemented by a lantern from the nineteenth century.
• The baptismal fonts are marble.
• The statue "Madonna and Child" marble was donated by St. Louis in the town of Lorris and is one of the most beautiful of the diocese of Orleans, a historic monument.
• The pulpit and the pew are the seventeenth century.
• The windows date from after the war of 1940 but the first four representative doors Lorris that predate 1870.
The Minister of Public Instruction and Fine Arts on the list of Historic Church, the Tribune and the Buffet of Organs in 1903, the registration will be in 1908. 


Organ of Notre-Dame (1501 and early seventeenth century)

ORGAN 1501 is classified a historical monument, it is clinging to the nave, located in one of the most beautiful churches in the Loiret and is among the oldest in Europe.

The whole buffet-platform and part of the pipe dating from the sixteenth century.

The mechanical part of the organ which you can hear the games partly dating from the seventeenth century (Historic Monument in 1971).
Abandoned in the nineteenth century organ was restored from 1970 to 1974 by KOENIG, organ builder (Sarre-Union).

Pleasure for the eyes, this organ is also a treat for those who come to hear during the summer concerts. Organ manual keyboard 48 notes and 13 ratings pedal pedal coupler.



Halls of the early twelfth century

Halls regained their original appearance in 1992 with three spans 600 square meters covered. 
So they go back to the time of the establishment of fairs and markets.
In 1285, the register of accounts tells us that the main beam that comes from old fences Abbey Chaumontois used to repair the palaces, halls, stalls and fortresses and bridges in the city.
Halls covered, date from 1286 and already housed a very important market for poultry and agricultural products, as well as stalls drapers, shoemakers and tanners.
Before the invasion of the English in 1358-1360, Les Halles are lined with tables and stalls.

During this war Halles were destroyed by English troopers who burned thereby merchants left the city for trade in the city received a mortal blow. At this time the halls were so " well covered and lockable and well stocked." Louis of France rebuilt Les Halles in 1392. Jehan Taboe roofer changed a thousand lattes to cover Halles in 1452. Jean Solier receives 48 soils have changed a skylight changed lattes and changed a pillar halls that was rotten in 1453.
The Manor was engaged in the sixteenth century, from the moment the new Lords should maintain Halles as they existed, placed in the center of the city ( half covered half slate tiles after a disastrous restoration under the Violet Duke 1865. in the fifteenth century, they were composed of four rows of pillars) .

February 17, 1787, the Halles are declared protected building.
In 1820, maintenance of Halle work is undertaken.
In 1886, a sum of forty francs was awarded to the former tenant attic halls for the improvements it has made ​​there.
At the time of the Capetian Kings, fairs and markets already existed. They were fixed on Thursday, besides the market is always the same day.
Under the roof to the west is a closed attic served by a wooden staircase. This room used to store unsold goods were handed over to the stall next Thursday as well as hardware retailers market day.
The renovation in 1992 added 2 bays removed in the fifteenth century. 60 m3 of oak pillars and rafters and over 80,000 tiles countries were required for this renovation. 

  Town Hall in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries

On the main facade, the walls are alternating red and black designs bricks.
To the ground floor, rafters and first floor diamonds. The door is flanked by stone pilasters and openings are called " mullion " bays.

The west front door she also designs brick but only diamonds in the middle of the building, we can admire a beautiful octagonal turret adjoining containing a magnificent spiral staircase. Happy that this tower that breaks the order of building available.

This Town Hall is covered roofs in French with twin skylights engineered, surmounted by an entablature and a penthouse decorated.
On the left of the roof, a small figure holding a shield with an "L" and 3 Fleurs de Lys.
In 1689, Abraham Caillard sells the right side of the building to Mr. Lesergent. In 1752, the two owners of the municipality are the Lord of Plissonnière and Mr. Hervy.
July 29, 1792, a riot destroyed the front wall, windows and doors of the Town Hall.

March 16, 1799, Jean Baptiste Villemort buys half of the city he still owns in 1802. This year, the heirs of the Plissonnière sell their part of the building to Nicolas Poinloup. April 21, 1802 Happard buys half De Villemort and September 12, 1803, Catherine Gaudin acquires half Sébastien Happard ; hence the entire building owns. 

In 1814, are made repairs for the offices of the Mayor and Justice of Peace. In 1820-1821, the appearance of the garden next to the installation of the Hall of Justice and Peace of the School skylight. City Lorris bought this house in 1821 to Mr Happard to establish the Justice and Peace Chamber School and a housing for the teacher. In 1834, the distribution of windows of the Town Hall is changed, it elevates the building.
In 1792 destroyed the wall is replaced by a grid supported by a wall in 1853.
In 1883, the city was restored, Dussère fact replace the mullions and transoms bays removed in the nineteenth century. 28 Novembre1884, restoration project of the Hotel de Ville. In September 1891, the restoration of the Town Hall are completed.
The colors of the city are refreshed in 1972.



Les Amis de l’Orgue de Lorris
3 rue de l’église – 45260 LORRIS
President : Pierre FLORIAN
tél. 02 38 94 80 65

Visit the museum reservation outside July and August.

Hearings and visits every Sunday afternoon from 15 pm in July and August (except evening concert of the festival)

Association created May 27, 1975 to contribute to the development and maintenance of the organ of Lorris, engage all organists, contribute to cultural development, by means of musical concerts, lectures .....

4 rue des marchés – 45260 LORRIS
(Entrance through the Tourist Office in the hall)
tél. 02 38 94 85 75

Established in 1995 by Mrs. Dubernet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Georges Lemoine, it presents the framework of a watchmaker in rural areas in 1930-1960.
A beautiful collection of tools, some machines of the nineteenth century.
Watches, clocks, clocks and monumental clock tower of the church of Lorris, built in 1861 and restored by some enthusiastic amateurs.

The workshop pendulum : Open to youth, adults and retired enthusiasts interested in the practice of restoration and conservation of old timepieces watches.
Led by members of the " Musée Georges Lemoine ' association, which regularly call professionals or amateurs particularly enlightened, to improve everyone's knowledge (Job restoration and presentation of museum objects. Initiation techniques "revamping" of the old movements.
Development for those who already have some experience.)

Leisure activity, the workshop pendulum is not a commercial repair shop. 



Esplanade Charles de Gaulle
45260 LORRIS
tél. 02 38 94 84 19



During World War II, the department of Loiret was one of the highlights of the Resistance and paid a heavy price for deportation. Thus, thanks to the willingness of former resistance fighters and deportees, a museum " history and memory" in this period was opened in 1988 with the support of local communities.

Today, the site welcomes you ever richer multiple documents, and invites you to discover the different facets of the Second World War from a national point of view, but especially international local ...


Opening 2015 for individual visitors : 
24 and 25 January, 17, 21, 22 and 25 February, 4, 14 and 15 March, 19, 22, 25, 26 and 29 April, from May 8 to 10 and 14 to 17 and 27 May, 13 and 14 June, 19 and 20 September, 4, 21, 24, 25 and 28 October, 21and 22 November, 19 and 20 December. Guided tours are offered at 15 am during these opening days.

10 am to 12 pm and 14 pm to 17 pm (ticket office closes at 16 h 30).
14 pm to 17 pm (18 and 25 february, 4 march, 22 and 29 april, 27 may, 21 and 28 october)
Guided tours are offered at 15 am during these opening days.
Outside these dates, the museum is open to individuals on request in a week.

Every day from July 1 to August 31, 10 am to 12 pm and 14 pm to 18 pm (closing ticket 17 h 30).
Guided tours are offered at 15 h and 16 h 15 at the opening day.



·      2 small hiking circuits exist on Lorris.

·      Discover our township and its countryside.

·      The cover of hikes is on sale at the reception of the Office of Tourism Lorris office.

·      For more information, you can also contact :

8 rue Escures, 45000 ORLEANS
Phone: 02 38 78 04 04 - Fax: 02 38 77 04 12

Hiking cyclotouristic
·      4 hiking trails exist in the Canton of Lorris.
·      The forms can be collected from the Tourist Office of Lorris

Hiking Equestrian
·      For those who love horse riding and nature, several possible routes will give you access to the Canton of Lorris in the vast forest of Orleans (massif de Lorris), area ponds and channel Orleans.
·      The Orléans Forest - Massif de Lorris route
·      From Ouzouer-sur-Loire to Lorris (2 days) 
The third largest massif in the Orléans forest is a region closely associated with the history of the Resistance. It is also known as the home of the osprey, the “fish eagle”. For more information :

Tel. or 06 10 28 22 60
Email: cdte45@laposte.net