La Cour- Marigny originates Curte Marigniaci, Matrignaci, Matriniacensi, Marigniaci Curia.
Curia meaning court, house, fortified place, and by extension castle and Maricadium or Mara : Swamp.

360 inhabitants
1,343 hectares
Name of inhabitants: Curti-Marignacais, Curti-Marignacaise
Elevation : minimum 99 m, maximum 131 m, 105 m hall.

One of the municipalities of the Canton of Lorris located in the basin of the Seine.
It is located on the Solin and the Vesine near the Canal d'Orléans, near the road Lorris to Montargis

6,7 km from Lorris
17 km from Montargis
25 km from Gien
61 km from Orleans
133 km from Paris

Tourist walks :
Marsh :
If this town is named Marsh nothing is justified ; there are still traces of ditches filled with water, surrounding the city and ensured its external protection.
This network bypass Treille and Solin rivers was at the time of its use, well designed .

Garbage collection on Tuesday morning
Recycling point : Multipurpose room




Salle Polyvalente

Municipal Team

M. Jean VALLEE, Mayor
M. Pierre MARTINON, first deputy mayor - M. Roger PINGOT, 2nd deputy mayor - M. Georges LUCAS, 3rd deputy mayor
Mme Annie ARBAUT, M. Jérôme BOULAY, Mme Pascale CAUBLOT, M. Yves CLEMENT, Mme Marine GUENU, Mme Eliane HOURNON, Mme Joëlle MICHALOWSKI