A little history:

The stronghold of the Middle Ages depended Coudroy of the Abbey of St-Benoît-sur-Loire.

In the eighteenth century, was Coudroy the Diocese of Sens, the Stewardship Orleans, Election of Montargis, the Archdeaconry and Deanery Gatinaise.

There were two castles. There is only one of the renovated twentieth century on the site of the ancient and medieval two lumps Plissonnière : la Motte at the entrance of the village and the Little Machau , the latter country residence of senior royal dignitaries during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Small town with several bridges over the Canal d'Orléans at the edge of the Forest of Orleans.

The building to the Town Hall was built in 1880, the administrative offices are on the ground floor and a large apartment is upstairs.

In 1790, Coudroy had 382 inhabitants, the maximum was raised in 1876 with 416 residents.

In 1869, there were 383 inhabitants in this parish including those of two isolated farms and four small hamlets dependent Coudroy.

In 1970, the school was closed, there were only seven students enrolled.

June 16, 1990, two openings for this small town, the Town Hall and the three locks that had just been appointed.

Porch of the old church

Only stay beautiful Romanesque porch rebuilt in a private property of Varennes and the bell "Hermine" blessed in 1816 filed with the Mayor of the Commune, can be read on it "I am eternal as fraternal and always Coudroy Saint Fiacre, I will .... ". Simple, we just noticed inside a closed arcade, leaving to believe that there was a stately chapel. Note former Calvary Cemetery. 



The Church of St. Fiacre, missing, dated from the twelfth century. Saint Fiacre (patron saint of gardeners) as was his boss. Gothic transition style, it measured 30 feet 9 and could hold 350 people. It noted the Abbey of Saint Benedict Fusse though his priest appointed by the Archbishop of Sens. The building was the time of transition.

It was demolished at the beginning of this century (1911) as it was feared that it collapses, the tower placed above the choir leaning dangerously.


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·      For those who love horse riding and nature, several possible routes will give you access to the Canton of Lorris in the vast forest of Orleans (massif de Lorris), area ponds and channel Orleans.

·      The Orléans Forest - Massif de Lorris route

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