• Origin of name :

      The name of Coudroy (1497) has Coryletum or Corulus (hazel, hazel, hazelnut planted applicable)
      Coldrego then (in 1154),
      Coldreto (1369)
      Codretum (1350),
      Coudroi, Coudrai.


      357 inhabitants

      1,472 hectares
      2nd joint township located in the basin of the Seine.
      Name ot the inhabitants : coudroyen, coudroyenne
      Elevation : 100 meters minimum, maximum 136 meters, 110 meters mayor.

      Situation :
      Located on the road from Lorris to Bellegarde, Canal d'Orléans
      Distances :

      4,4 km from Lorris
      26 km from Montargis
      31 km from Gien
      50 km from Orléans
      140 km from Paris

      Tourist walks :
      The town is divided into two equal parts by the Canal d'Orléans
      We see some ponds and a few clumps of trees, as well as many locks.

      Services :
      Garbage collection on Tuesday morning
      Column buried: municipal workshops
      Recycling point: hangar Street Forest
      Sociocultural room adapted for people with disabilities




Canal d'Orléans

Aire de Jeux

Salle Socioculturelle

Municipal team

Mme Marie-Laure BEAUDOIN, Mayor
M. Eric LACHETEAU, first deputy mayor - M. Bruno CHEVALLIER, 2nd deputy mayor
M. Marc OZANNE, Mme Christiane FLORES, Mme Audrey LOISELET, M. Jean-Luc BERTON,
Mme Danielle MARDANT, M. Gilbert PIERRE
, Mme Caroline GAUBERT, M. Bernard VASINIAC