Origin of name :

The origin of the name comes from the Latin Calliacus then Calliaco.

In 1110 Calli, in 1140 and Cali Chaillis the eighteenth century and finally Chailly.


674 inhabitants
1,837 hectares
Name of the inhabitants: callicien, callicienne
Elevation: 95 meters minimum, maximum 121 meters, 98 meters mayor

Located on the road from Bellegarde to Solterre Canal d'Orléans

7,3 km from Lorris
21 km from Montargis
33 km from Gien
60 km from Orléans
132 km from Paris

Garbage collection on Monday afternoon
Column buried: Wood Romaison
Recycling point: Church and Bois de Romaison
Party room, tennis court, hiking trails. 


Salle des Fêtes

Municipal team

M. Ivan PETIT, Mayor
M. Philippe COFFINEAU, first deputy mayor - Mme Agnès GASNIER, 2nd deputy mayor - Mme Danielle MAROIS BOURILLON, 3rd deputy mayor - M. Yvan FALZON, 4th deputy mayor
M. Marc SONDAG, M. Emmanuel FORITE, Mme Agnès PAROUX, Mme Frédérique NOREST, M. Frédéric RUFFELAERE, Mme Gaëlle CARRE VASSEUR, M. Daniel CHARDEAU, M. André COILLE, Mme Laurence PROCHASSON, M. Dominique MARQUEYZ